100% All Natural Aromatherapy
You'll Love Our Wraps!

The Kozi Neck & Shoulder Wrap is our top selling design. Snuggle up and forget the troubles of the day.

Kozi & Kozi Natural Wraps

come in an assortment of comforting designs   

  • Neck & Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Lower Back
  • Hand
  • Body
  • Heart
  • Eye
  • Feet
  • Lumbar 
  • Vest
  • Sinus Mask
  • Comfort Pac
  • Luxury Wrap


Natural Grains-may include premium flax seed & wheat 

Lavender - Nerve Tonic

Valerian Root - Relaxing, Anti-Spasm

White Willow - Analgesic

Chamomile - Nerve Tonic, Relaxing

Rosemary - Headache Support

Peppermint - Pain Support, Anti-Spasm

Spearmint - Nerve Support

Hops - Sedative (calming & soothing)

Yellow Dock - Circulatory Support

Lemon Grass - Analgesic (pain relief)

Cinnamon - Anti-Spasm

Yarrow - Healing Support

* other natural ingredients

*the term "other natural ingredients" is used to reflect any small foreign material that could be mixed in with the flax, wheat, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass, rosemary, cinnamon, yarrow, white willow, valerian root, yellow dock, or hops when it is harvested from the fields.  Our ingredients come from nature, we just want to cover our bases in case a little bit of unknown nature sneaks in!


We fill every herbal wrap we make with the same high quality ingredients so you can rest assured that you're always buying the best.  We use high quality fashion fabrics to make every one of our beautiful herbal wraps.  Our Kozi wraps are made from ultra soft & cozy "minky" in deep mauve and our Kozi Natural wraps are made from eco-friendly, certified organic cotton fleece in a all natural light cream color.

Use & Care

Use our wraps heated in the microwave for hot therapy to relax tired, sore muscles and improve circulation.  Microwave wraps for 1 minute, gently shift the herbs from side to side and place warm wrap on your body for instant comfort.  Our wraps stay warm because we use heat retaining natural grains like flax seed and wheat.  We recommend warming wraps in 30 second increments and checking temperature for desired warmth before using.  Every microwave is different, learn your microwave settings, place wraps in microwave allowing turn tables to rotate freely and do not overheat.  Please follow the specific heating time on the instruction card shipped with your wrap & do not exceed the maximum heating time.

Use our wraps chilled in the freezer for cold therapy to comfort strains and sprains by reducing inflammation.  To chill, place wrap in resealable plastic bag and freeze for 1-2 hours.

Clean wraps with lightly dampened cloth (spot clean only, do not submerge herb pacs), lay flat, air dry.

Do Not Submerge Herb Pac

Store wraps in cool dry place.  Storing wraps in resealable plastic bags will increase product longevity.

Do not over heat
Over heating will cause burns
Check temperature before use
Place wrap to allow microwave turntable to rotate freely
For external use only
Do not wet or submerge herbal wraps in water
Check with doctor if you have pre-existing conditions before using any new product 
All Eye Pillow, Eye Mask, and Sinus Mask products are recommended used room temperature or chilled

You'll Love Our Wraps!
We fill every wrap we make with the same high quality ingredients so you can rest assured that you'll always have our best. Using our herbal wraps will help you to relax, release and restore your body & soul. Use wraps heated in the microwave to relax and soothe muscles and improve circulation. Chill our wraps in the freezer for cold therapy to comfort strains, sprains, swelling and to reduce inflammation.

We use quality fabrics to make our beautiful wraps. Soft, cozy minky and eco-friendly organic cotton fleece. You'll Love Our Wraps!

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